Domestic Violence - The Reasons Why She Stays
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Domestic Violence - The Reasons Why She Stays

Domestic Violence

Many people believe that if a woman is being physically, sexually or psychologically abused she should just leave.  Unfortunately, it's not always that simple.  Making a clean break is a brave and extremely difficult step to take, for most if not all victims of domestic violence.

Reasons Why It May Be Difficult For A Woman To Leave An Abusive Relationship

  • She wants to stay in the relationship and just wants the violence to end.
  • She may think she is to blame for the abuse.
  • She is probably hoping that he will change without any outside assistance.
  • He may have threatened to take the children.
  • She may be so committed to her marriage that leaving is not an option.  It may be that her cultural beliefs or religion prevent her from doing same.
  • She may still love him.
  • She may be pregnant.
  • She may think the violence is a direct result of alcohol or stress.
  • He says that he is sorry and promises to never abuse her again.
  • She sees him when he's loving some of the time and then she refuses to acknowledge the bad times.
  • He may have a good relationship with the children.
  • She may have all sorts of hopes and dreams that she doesn't want to let go of.
  • She has been socially isolated and feels like she has no support.
  • She may fear loss of financial stability for herself and her children.
  • She thinks that he will not be able to cope without her i.e. she feels that she has to provide emotional support because he may have threatened suicide.
  • She may fear being labelled as a 'battered woman' or a 'solo mum'.
  • People don't take her seriously or don't believe that there is a problem.
  • She may be feeling too upset, confused or depressed to make rational decisions for herself.
  • Her family/friends encourage her to stay with him or back him.
  • She is afraid of being physically and/or verbally abused even more.
  • She is afraid for her life.

Most often than not, domestic violence increases in frequency and intensity over time and it can go from bad to worse after a separation.

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Comments (7)

A sad but true list I can only agree upon. I am out of votes for today, but I will keep this in mind for tomorrow.

It's never good. Just all levels of bad. These are some of the reasons, though. Unfortunately, it's all to prevelant. Ironic, too. Great awareness article, Elle.

good write..

A prevalent issue in existing relationships within our society. Great insights.

A really solid article about a subject that is so often swept under the carpet.

I agree. Sadly, it is so true.

This is a very, very complex issue with numersous factors involved.