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Effects on Children of a Broken Family

Divorce announcement from parents can be a shocking news to the children. The trauma that the kids will experience can be too much that they might eventually lost interest in school and life itself.

Divorce is the hardest challenge that can happen to a couple especially if they have kids. It is painful for the husband and wife to finally end their marriage but they are two matured individuals who are strong enough to handle changes in their lives. The impact of this turn of events in a family’s life is more devastating on the children. Not only that it is painful for them on that moment to hear the news that their parents are getting a divorce. But the worst that can happen is the long term effect that can eventually ruin their future.

In most cases, usually one parent keeps custody of his/her children. But despite of that, the thought that they are no longer complete seem unacceptable. Here are some effects of a broken family on children:

1. A broken home can make a child insecure. Insecure in a sense that he no longer had a complete family he can call his own. For a child’s mind, a family is composed of a father, mother and children. And living without either his father or mother will create fear and insecurities in him. This feeling of insecurities will even trigger if he is around his friends who are living a normal, complete and happy life. This is especially true in school events where the parents’ presence are required. There are plenty of school activities that involves the parents and seeing scenes like these will even make him feel ashamed of his family situation.

2. The insecurities, self-doubt and lack of confidence in a child can eventually make him uninterested in school. More often, those who are out of school are products of a broken home.

3. Sometimes a child’s reaction on his parents’ announcement of a divorce is not visible. He keeps to himself the pain, shock and anger he feels. This in turn makes him vulnerable to anger, depression, revenge, alcohol, crimes, drugs and so on. He makes these as his outlets. Too much depression, alcohol addiction and drug dependency, if left untreated, can make him mentally ill or can turn him into a criminal. He may even attempt to kill himself if he can no longer handle all the misfortunes which he thinks is killing him softly.

4. Although, let’s say, one parent is still guiding his child, sometimes the traumatic effect of a divorce is just too much for a child to handle that he may even lost interest in life itself.

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Comments (5)

I definitely agree, retweet and stumbled.

grace steffie alcotibo

I like this article because this really states the common effect of broken family to the children now a days. And this also reminds the parents to stay from each other so that they can guide their children into the right path of their life.

scarlete marie ancajas

I like this article because it can make the parents realize on what will be the effect of broken family nowadays.

scarlete marie ancajas

I like this article because it can make the parents realize on what will be the effect of broken family nowadays.

I am a teenager and from a broken family. This article is very true. My family and home have never been stable. I am extremely insecure and feel disconnected with others my age. I think I may have depression or some kind of emotional disorder. I crave harmony and yearn for the past, when I had my family together. I fell from the nest before my wings were ready.