Is a Broken Family Hereditary?
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Is a Broken Family Hereditary?

Is broken family hereditary? Is broken family a growing phenomenon? No matter how ideal a family or marriage in terms of relationship, there are still adversities and misconception that will always come along. It is a natural part of a relationship. But the lonely part is when one of the family members, either the father or the wife gave up and the others have no choice but to accept and let go. It is a saddening experience.


“It runs in the family,” is a common saying in the circles of successful families of politicians, businessmen, architects, educators, doctors, lawyers and even carpenters. The son and daughter of the late President Ferdinand Marcos including his wife, Mrs. Imelda Marcos is into politics as of this day. The same as the incumbent President, Benigno Aquino III, the son of the late president Cory Aquino and Senator Benigno Aquino are into politics.

One of the notable family names in medieval architecture in Netherlands is the Keldermans family, of which seven generations were architects and sculptors. Their specialty is working in the Brabantine Gothic style. 

The Peale Family has been tag as a talented family of artists. Charles Willson Peale (1741-1827) painted more than 1,000 portraits of the best figures in colonial America.

Two of his sons, Raphael and Rembrandt; his brother James, was a famous miniature painter; two of his daughters, Anna Claypole and Sarah Miriam were among the earliest painters in America.

In professional sports, many of athletes are sons who have followed the footsteps of their fathers, there’s Bobby and Barry Bonds. Archie Manning, a former American quarterback of the National Football League, spawned a professional football dynasty with his sons Eli and Peyton. There is the Ken Griffeys and Cal Ripkens (a former Major League Baseball shortstop and third baseman), junior and seniors.

Professionals like doctors, lawyers and others occasionally end up with marrying spouses with the same profession and commonly their children end up into their own profession too, but there is always an exception.

Is a broken family “runs in the family” too?

Here is an account of a family which I knew and very close to me. You may definitely not know them but I intentionally withdraw their names for their right of privacy.

A sweet lady of age around 80-years or so now resides in the US for years now. She worked there and now living in her retirement status because of the benefits and health care there.

Her first marriage was in the Philippines with a foreigner – an American. She has one daughter on her first marriage. Since there is no divorce in the Philippines, her husband left her and went back to US. She married again a Chinese businessman and begets six children, one boy and five girls.

Her first daughter on her first marriage got married to a foreigner as well, begetting a daughter. She got separated and married a Filipino politician and begets two children, a boy and a girl. After having a family conflict, they again separate ways. She met a businessman and lived together and begets four children of one boy and three girls.

Her first son on her second marriage lives also in US with a steady job and a happy family with three daughters. He has a good wife with a happy marriage except for some problems about his daughters’ liberated living.

Her first daughter on her second marriage is married to a Filipino. They have two healthy boys but another family feud made them separated. Her husband died of prostate cancer while she migrated to Europe and married again.

Her second daughter was happily married with two daughters. When their family migrated in America, her husband left their family for another woman. She died of lung cancer due to extensive depression resulting from their separation.

The next daughter was happily married with a professional engineer who works overseas. They have two daughters. She was involved to another married man so they separated and begets a daughter out of this infidelity. Her first husband died of liver cancer. She met again a young man; they lived together and have a son. They got separated again and she has all her children under her custody.  

The next daughter is happily married to a man who worked as a sea crew. They have one daughter and they got separated when her husband did not come back for her. She met a dedicated man and married her. They beget a son. Her husband worked in the US and died of lung cancer. She migrated to Canada, she is now living with her son and family with a granddaughter.

Her youngest daughter is living in the US. She never thinks of getting married; being afraid and aware of the circumstances of a “broken family” experienced by her siblings.

The Concern

Broken family has enormous effect on both spouses. It can also kill because of extensive depression. The effects on children are also excessive, psychologically and physically. But the debate is always on; just like “living with the enemy” or separately with the concern for the welfare of the children.

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Comments (14)

This sounds like a novel, Ron - intricate broken family relationships some times seem more fiction than fact, but they also teach us about the importance of finding just the right partner. 

I think it's because we're human and prone to mistakes.  There is no "perfect" family.

I think in many cases it is a learned pattern, without a healthy example to follow the kids do not know how to work out issues in a relationship.

You raise an solid question. Thank you. From my own experience two people need to be committed to a lifetime together for a lifetime together to work.

I think there are many issues causing family break up. however, I do not believe heridity is one of them. I think society in general is on the decline. Along with morality. People should be committed to marriage if they are going to be married. It is too convienent or the simple way out to get a divorce if things don't turn out the way you thought they should. No compromise. No willingness to find a solution. The story you told of that very involved family history was tragic, and as one of your readers already said, a learned and in my opinion "lazy" behavior. But tragic and sad non the less. Thank you for this report. l

no the research does not show they are heritary the examples you gave with talents and that is herediatry but attitudes about life such as how a marriage should work is more environmental, more like she did it so will eye,

Carol Roach


I really do not believe it as hereditary. We can lock ourself from the world then what? I think it's better to risk than to question later what if? As for the children, yes, divorce can be traumatic and really sad. But, the shock can be lessened by talking it out to them honestly and sensitively.

Broken families have become fashion in the west. Thank you dear brother. You are my enlightening guide dear brother Ron.

If i am not mistaken, it is mentioned in the Bible that such curse of broken family lasts up to 4th generation

This is sad. For me, I don't think it is really hereditary. The children see what parents do. I guess they just patterned themselves from what has happened to their parents.

Broken family cannot be said to be hereditary.In India, grandsons, sons, fathers, grandfathers in the same lineage are said to be hereditary.Thanks for your interesting article.

Thanks everyone for your thoughts and guidance.

I personally think children takes after their parents and, in my opinion, the case of divorce is not hereditary at all. Its just that when as a child of divorced parents, you have challenges in your marriage, you will be quick to write it off and say after all my parents couldn't do it so who am I.

And that might also be encouraged by your parent somehow, as in when you going through challenges and you phone your mother for consolation, and then she says to you, my child,if it's too much to bear leave it you see I managed to raise you despite my divorce. 

I think it's all the same with talents and careers, you take after your parents, but because being a family of talent is perceived good, then people overlook the pattern and call that luck whereas in the case of divorce, because its percieved a bad thing, people name it bad luck or curse. I guess it's all the same.

Thanks for the article.

Thank for the indights added Nkhabele.