Tips for Making Divorce Easier for Children
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Tips for Making Divorce Easier for Children

An article about dealing with the effects of divorce and children.

When two people decide to get a divorce, the transition and changes can be very difficult for those two people as well as the people on the outside of the marriage relationship. The divorce is often most painful and confusing for the children of the parents who are getting divorced, or who are currently separated. Here are some helpful tips that can make this painful process just a little more smooth and easy.

1. When a couple decides to divorce often there are many diverse emotions floating around between the once committed couple. Many times these thoughts and feelings do not stay between the two estranged people. Sometimes, people forget to equally consider the children's pain and confusion as easily as they seem to consider their own. Making hurtful and negative remarks against a child's parent directly to the child, can be psychologically damaging to the child's often fragile psyche. Try as best as you can to foster a positive image of the other side, because they are still vitally important to the child whether they are in the picture or not.  Passive aggressive remarks do not bring about the healing process, just more complex feelings of hatred and confusion.

2. After parents leave they still need to maintain regular and meaningful communication with the child. It is often difficult for the child to be without their other parent on a regular basis, and they can feel rejected and can even start to feel angry and depressed as well. Be sure to look for these signs in your child or children's behavior. Many times children as well as the adults in their lives can have a hard time verbalizing adequately how and what they are truly feeling.

3. Sibling relationships can become more important than in previous times and events. If one parent decides to separate siblings this can be very painful. This can make the child feel more sad or depressed. Regular communication and visits between the siblings are equally beneficial for both the children and the parents. Cherish family time, and do no feel slighted if they are often spending time with each other by themselves. There is an unspoken link and need between siblings.

Divorce can be an intense and difficult period for everyone affected by the separation. While, it is not entirely possible for the transition to be entirely pain free, there are steps you can take to make it more bearable and healthy.

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Comments (6)

Very important information here! This is a must read for those we are divorced or considering divorce. No doubt, children suffer the most in these situations. Thanks for sharing Voted

thank you so much!

Donatta L. said it all in her comment. Great job of presenting this essential and important information.

Thank you, Jerry!

very tips, divorce is never easy on children even if they don't show it they talk about it when they are adults

exactly, Carol!